Am I Evil? Brussels edition

Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola
with Els Moors

Am I Evil? Brussels edition is co-produced by VGC, a.pass, nadine, Passa Porta, Moussem, Muntpunt, and radical_hope. With the support of GC Nekkersdal.
Presentations at WIELS | Art Book Fair 2024 and nadine - laboratory for contemporary arts. Special thanks to Fabio Bozzato. 

(c) Bilal Kamilla Arnout

Can erotic writing become a place for decolonial and feminist exploration?
How could one embrace the tools of erotic writing to unveil, investigate and question power processes of colonisation, discrimination, nanoracism, marginalization, exoticization, abuse and seduction from diverse perspectives?  

These questions are at the core of Am I Evil? process writers of all sorts are invited to embark upon.
On this journey the group of writers embrace erotic writing as a tool to investigate their own desire, and how this relates to the Other and the Unknown.

For the duration of the whole journey they stay in dialogue through a peer-to-peer editing methodology. Actually such a methodology is not ‘just’ editing. It is rather an intimate and radical way of dialoguing through re-writing.

Am I Evil? starts off with a-lecture introduction by Basani and Ciresola open to everyone about the legacy of Jeanne Walschot, the first white female dealer and collector of African art we know, active in Brussels from 1920s.

The figure of Mrs. Walschot works efficiently as a site to explore the way Western European culture desires the Other, and the Unknown. With the research of Gloria Wekker, Audre Lorde, bell hooks and Robin diAngelo in mind, this exploration might reveal for instance how whiteness is constructed (culturally, socially, historically) through the look and the touch on the Other.

The process of text writing and re-writing will take place between the end of April and August 2024, both in collective meetings in person and individual sessions at home.

The texts created during this collective journey will be shared with the audience through a printed publication and will have a first presentation moment during the Art Book Fair at Wiels and at nadine, in October 2024.

The Brussels edition of Am I Evil? welcomes as special guests the writers Gabriela Wiener and Cristina Ubah Ali Farah plus other artists to be confirmed.


*Am I Evil?
is part of JEANNE. Or the Western Touch, a collection of performative and participatory artworks, curated by Basani and Ciresola. The collection functions as a research- and production-frame through which the curators invite artists, art practitioners, and researchers to create works inspired by the life of Jeanne Walschot. As the title of the collection suggests, these works focus, from different perspectives, on the way European or Western culture looks, touches and relates to the Other.

The workshop borrows the title from a semi-fictional lecture performance by artist Roger Fähndrich  about the (sexual) life of African art dealer Jeanne Walschot.


26 April, 7.30 - 9 pm @ Muntpunt: lecture-introduction to the Am I Evil? Brussels edition [ OPEN TO EVERYONE ]

27 & 28 April, 10am-4.30pm @ Passa Porta: first workshop weekend  

18 & 19 May, 10 am - 4.30pm @ Muntpunt & apass: second workshop weekend with Cristina Ubah Ali Farah 

8 & 9 June, 10 am - 4.30 pm @ Moussem: third workshop weekend with Gabriela Wiener
8 June, 5 - 7 pm @ Moussem: Gabriela Wiener’s public talk abour her work ‘Undiscovered’ (Huaco Retrato)

June - September: text delivery, proofreading, publication design and printing

5 or 6 October: first public presentation @ Wiels (Art Book Fair) [ OPEN TO EVERYONE ]

19 October: public sharing moment @ nadine and other locations with special guest tbc & with the participants from the Brussels edition [ OPEN TO EVERYONE ]