17 August  2018
Concert hall @ Het Entrepot, Bruges (BE)


Where are all the places we have lost?

And which role do they still play in our lives?

Destroyed by war, transformed because of urban planning, scene of emotional conflicts or turning points in our life. These - and others - are the places we have lost. We don’t visit them anymore because it is too dangerous, too painful, because their walls have fallen down or it is apparently pointless. But actually, they are still there, stuck in our memory.

The audience was invited to take an archeological tour of them. To walk through their architectural remnants and the memories of who had lived, danced, and loved there.

Along with these lost places, corners of Belgian outdoor life were also physically brought into the concerthall. They just coexisted together, often clashing, sometimes resonating with each other.

No matter where we are in the world now, we bring with us traces of our (lost) places. We speak about them, we miss them or maybe we are relieved that they are gone forever. We even dream about them.

The moment we decide to share their existence with other people, these places become a common heritage. Despite their location in time and space, they might indeed relate to our past and present life and the life of those around us.
Concept: Simone Basani

Curatorship: Alice Ciresola

Performers: Hassanein Ali Al Zubaidi, Bassel Kharmouche, Sonia Si Ahmed, Myrthe van der Mark, Eleonore van Godtsenhoven

LOST PLACES has been developed during 'Cut the Crap' residency at Het Entrepot (Bruges, Belgium) in the framework of Gone West project.

Autobiographical material and narrations from Hassanein Ali Al Zubaidi, Bassel Kharmouche, Simone Basani, Joke Flo aka Juffrów Minǿës, Sonia Si Ahmed, Said Sialiti, Eleonore van Godtsenhoven, and others who prefer to stay anonymous.

All the stories are true, written and/or verified by the witnesses.

Leaflet designed by Marta Muschietti. 

Banner image credit for performance scenography: The dancing mania, by Hondius' by Pieter Brueghel. Wellcome Collection. CC BY/ Excerpt from the original.

All pictures by Leontien Allemeersch

Thanks to Sifatullah Agha, Thomas Barbier, Hamza Ez Zirari, Saad Hanna, Inge Vos & Jozef Desutter, Romain, and all Het Entrepot and Villa Bota teams.