performative exhibition 

25 October 2021
Hectolitre, Brussels (BE)


Hectolitre, A Haunted House is a performative exhibition in which the artworks by five contemporary artists dialogued and resonated with Hectolitre, a former swinger club situated in the heart of Marolle distric, in Brussels. 

Mixing historical facts, fictional stories and writings from feminist literature, a narration about the history and the many, previous lives of the place are shared with the audience invited to listen and experience the building ‘speaking’ and ‘manifesting’ itself during a performative guided tour. 

The artworkes, coinceived specifically for the place or re-adapted to it, and integrated organically in the architecture and in the (fictional) history of the place were used to re-write temporarily the hostory of an heritage-site focusing on the previous usages, owners and secret lives rathers than the historical facts. 

Hectolitre, A Haunted House is a methodology to inhabit places using contemporay art installation and performances to make a place talk for itself. 

Concept: Simone Basani

Curatorhsip: Simone Basani with Alice Ciresola

Performative guided tour: Alice Ciresola

Artists: Doris Boerman, Luca Dal Vignale, Diana Duta, Roger Fähndrich