community art project

August - November 2017

Opening: 22-25 October 2017 | Do Studzienki, 24 - Gdansk



GALERIA GDANSK ITD. is a museum working as a shop. Or a shop working as a museum. GALERIA GDANSK ITD. shows a selection of objects designed to tell unheard or invisible narrations given by a group of Gdansk citizens, the ‘tellers’. Narrations about autobiographical turning points, personal revolts, slow realizations and self-healing decisions, ‘etcetera’, ‘I  tak dalej’. Collectively they propose a ‘counter-portrait' of the city of Gdansk.

GALERIA GDANSK ITD. offers its clients the opportunity of choosing among the selection of limited edition objects the ones they would like to take into their everyday life places. In this way, these so-called *marginal* narrations enter families, offices and friendship networks infiltrating the official one.

GALERIA GDANSK ITD. opens its doors in Do Studzienki 24 between the 22nd and 25th of October. Beside the collection of narrations, it hosts a series of public talks, performances, and concerts. Between October 23rd and 25th it is open every day from 12 am. In November and December the collection left the GALERIA to tour the city & meet its clients in their own houses. 

Concept and curatorship:
Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola

in collaboration with Gdansk citizens: Maria Arsoba, Jerzy Arsoba, Magdalena Giesek, Anastasiya Golibroda, Bartosz Górski, Patrycja Hałka, Agata Hibner, Masza Jacko, Ryszard Kisiel, Tomasz Krystek, Aleksandra Ksiezopolska, Beata Mokosz, Vanessa Szymikowska, Marcin Żółtowski, Jasiu Zywicki, and other ones who want to stay anonymous.

Project Assistant: Mona Rena Górska
Display: Bianca Maria Fasiolo
Graphic Design: Marta Muschietti
Illustrators: Marta Adamus, Dana Chmielewska, Bianca Maria Fasiolo, Magdalena Giesek, Konrad Ponieważ, Bartosz Polak, Jasiu Zywicki
Performers: Dana Chmielewska, Bartosz Górski and Katarzyna Pastuszak

Organiser: LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art (Aleksandra Ksiezopolska and Lila Schally-Kacprzak)

Thanks also to: Dana Chmielewska, Anna Bastrikin, Krzysztof Górski, Ola Romanowska, Joanna Sobańska, Prometeusz, Centrum Integracji Społecznej in Sopot and Nowy Port, Monika Popow

Developed during the residency at CCA Laznia, in the frame of the international project “Artecitya”, financed by the European program Creative Europe 2014-2020.

1st of December 


October 22nd

18.30 - Galeria Gdansk Itd. stories presentation
19.30 - Talk | Lukasz Szulc: 'Who calls a name, bears the name: Homosexuals, poofters, dykes, gays and queers about themselves’
20.45 - DJ set | Wojciech Wilk

October 23rd

18.30 - Talk | Anna Kłonkowska, Agnieszka Okrój, and Magdalena Gajewska
Concealed experiences. Issues omitted in childbirth discourses.

October 24th

18.30 - Talk | Piotr Kowzan: Own and others' memory of children participating in protests
20.00 - Transmission performance. Started by Dana Chmielewska
20.30 - Posering/Pozowanie. Sesja. | by Bartosz Górski and Simone Basani.
Performer: Bartosz Górski

October 25th

19.00 - Concert | Duet Uniwersalny - Natalia Grzebała and Iga Kurec
20.00 - Posering/Pozowanie. Sesja. | by Bartosz Górski and Simone Basani.
Perfomer: Bartosz Górski

1st of December | 13 - 17 pm | Market of objects&stories
2nd of December |10 am - 3 pm | Market of objects&stories
Hala Targowa Gdańsk – Plac Dominikanski 1

10th of December
Galeria Gdańsk itd. Goes to Nowy Port
Centrum Integracji Społecznej w Gdańsku TPBA koło Gdańskie.